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friday. >> it's a sad moment right now, a great nigerian writer, a man that helped put african literature on the world stage passed away. he was 82 years old. author of "things fall apart" and someone who i think elevated african literature, african arts and letters, acted almost as a talent scout for other writers in letter years. his pass willing be noted around
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the world for arts and literature. >> a great man. thank you for that. tomorrow, don't miss soledad's special with facebook coo sheryl sandberg. 2:30 p.m., right here. >> cnn newsroom with carol costello begins now. happening now in the newsroom, breaking overnight, murder on a marine base. >> a shooter appeared to have barricaded himself in the room. >> three are dead, including the shooter. a community looking for answers this morning. also, offline. the faa possibly shuttering more than 200 air traffic control towers nationwide. your safety now a huge concern. >> first calls, going to be mid air -- >> something is going to happen.
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>> neither rain, nor sleet senator snow nor deficit. no word this morning, saturday mail delivery is back on. and 911 shocker. >> can you tell can you tell me by tapping on the phone once that do not open the door. >> 911, where is your image? >> the frightening moments and amazing end. live on the cnn newsroom. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm carol costello. three people dead at the marine base in quantico. the base is in lockdown, law enforcement surrounded the building. >> the shooter, an active duty
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marine, was pronounced dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound by law enforcement at the scene. two other victims, a male and female, both active duty marines, were pronounced dead at the scene. the three marines involved in this incident, all permanent personnel assigned to officer candidate school. all of the candidates in the school are accounted for and safe. >> the base is used mostly for training and it's known as crossroads of the marine corps. we will have a live report at the bottom hour. also following a truly horrifying story from georgia's southern coast. police in brunswick say two young boys between 10 and 15 years old approached a woman and shot her in the leg and then they turned the gun on her baby. as the mother pleaded with them. >> he said i'm going to kill you
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if you don't give me your money. and i said i swear i don't have any. he said i'm going to kill your baby and -- and i said please don't kill my baby. >> cnn's nick valencia in brunswick, georgia, with the latest. happened around 9:15 in the morning. are there witnesses? >> good morning, carol. no witnesses. the only account of what happened is coming from the mother this happened around 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning. about 24 hours ago. almost exactly. new developments to share with you this morning, carol. a short time ago, the father of the 13-month-old shot and killed, showed up here on the scene right behind me is exactly the corner where it happened. he was visibly emotional. uncontrollably sobbing at some points. we asked if we could interview him. he declined, would not go on camera. but he voluntarily got in the back of a police cruiser and took off. shortly after that three investigators on the scene,
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three of which appear to be federal marshals with two canines canvassing the area, looking for any leads, any things whatsoever. i just got off the phone with the brunswick police department and they tell cnn, they will be reviewing the full, raw interview with our local affiliate, waws, they just requested this i asked them anyone beyond the two suspects that you currently identified that you are looking into? they said "they are looking at anything and everything" as part of the investigation. >> take us through what happened. this mother is walking with her stroller, the baby is in the stroller and these two suspects approach. they shoot the mother in the leg and then they kill the baby. >> right. >> and -- >> this is all according to the mother. this is all according to the mother. she said she was on her morning stroll walking with her baby with the stroller when two young
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boys who she said she had never seen before, approached her. she said you know, i asked the city manager for brunswick, any motive in this fatal shooting? he said as far as the official stance, there is no clear motive. she claims in the interview, in the lead in to the story, it was a robbery and trying to get money from her. again this account is only coming from her. there are no other witnesses this. to give context to viewers here, this is a very quiet neighborhood this is a good neighborhood. you can see behind me here, these are the investigators showing up a while ago, two federal marshals strolling along the walk with canines and another investigator just behind them. this is happening live on the corner. to give context to viewers here this is an area with mixture of historic homes that's flanked by kind of poorer areas, public housing areas. i asked the city of brunswick spokesperson, what kind of area
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of this? a lot of shootings occur like this, gang activity? he said shootings that happen here are usually drug related. but this is a quiet neighborhood and right now there is a manhunt underway and authorities offering a $10,000 reward. other top stories, president obama will arrive in jordan in the next hour. the president spent his final hours in israel on a hermial trip, visiting the graves of theodore herzl and isaac rabin. he placed a stone that came from the martin luther king memorial in washington. and john lennon's death is being used to push for stricter gun control. these are lennon's blood-stained glasses. more than 1 million people killed since lennon's death in 1980. in philadelphia, a man walks up to a chinese restaurant, pulls out a gun and begins
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firing. watch what happens from inside the restaurant. a young man blocks the door. while dodging a hail of bullets, incredibly. no one inside the restaurant seriously injured. philadelphia police releasing the video, hoping someone can identify the gunman. police think there is a strong connection in a suspect in a high-speed chase and shooting in texas and the murder of colorado's prison chief. suspect shot a deputy twice after he was pulled over and then fled. the chase ended when he crashed into an 18-wheeler, he jumped out and shot at police. police shot back and he later died. that man is 28-year-old evan ebel from denver. just released on parole. the sheriff's deputy accusing authorities of leaking the name, saying it undermines the investigation. the car, a cadillac, had
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colorado plates and similar to the one as witnesses describe of leaving the home where this man, colorado prison chief, tom clements, shot and killed tuesday night. jim spellman joins us from colorado springs. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the undersheriff in el paso county, paula pressley, confirmed that the man in that car, his name is evan ebel, confirmed that for us. they feel he is a strong suspect in this case, but they are quick to point out, they really have a lot more work to do prosecubefo can say that definitively. we know a little more about that. he was in a prison gang, in and out of prisons, they are working with the department of corrections to investigate inside the pronto find out if there was anybody else somehow involved in the case, perhaps a conspiracy to kill tom clements. we know that at the site of the tom clements murder, here near colorado springs, they obtained at least some sort of evidence
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that they could potentially link to the car and that is something they are working on. they sent deputies down to texas to try to lock up that confirmation. they haven't told us if this evidence is shell casings, fingerprints, dna what have you, but they have something that they potentially hope to make a positive link on later today, carol. >> if this isn't bizarre enough, this may be connected to the murder of a pizza deliveryman? >> yeah, just a terrible case. last sunday, of delivery man, 27 years old. name is nathan leon, working an extra job, delivering pizzas to make more money for his wife and three girls, and he got an order to go to sort of a remote, industrial area to deliver a pizza, at that point he was murdered. his body police believe was dumped in a separate area of town. this could be linked as well. denver also said detectives to texas to try to confirm that. here is some of mr. leon's
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family members speaking about him. >> since sunday, we have been a total wreck. when you think have you cried your tears and you can't cry anymore, it's all you do. >> one way or the other, we want to know who did this and bring them to justice, so if this is what it ends up being, we are hoping this ends quickly so we can move on. >> reporter: we hope to get more details throughout the day from the investigation, carol. >> jim spellman, reporting live from colorado springs this morning. another blow for the financially strapped postal service. congress' watchdog arm says in a legal opinion that the post office must -- must -- deliver mail six days a week. that would end the plan to cut first mass service on saturdays. zane asher in new york with rs but the post office is going broke. >> this is just the gla's legal
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opinion. a lot hangs in the balance. if keep saturday driver it could cost them $2 billion. in 2006, a congressional mandate required them to cover health care costs for future retirees. people prefer to go on line to stay in touch, people using the web more than ever, a downward spiral for the postal service and budget cuts. let's not forget, they aren't completely ending mail delivery on saturday. they just want to make it for packages only. mail monday through friday, saturday just packages. the government accountable office says it violates current law that requires six day a week delivery. the postal service agreed, saying they are simply responding to the "financial realities of america," carol. >> zain asher live in new york.
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put down the salt shaker. a new harvard study finds 1 in 10 americans die from eating too much salt. the rate of heart attack and stroke, pointed the finger at packages and processed foods like bread and cheese and say it's hard for the average person to avoid salty foods. we take a closer look at how much salt is in the food, especially if it's marketed to your kids. >> carol, now i'm thinking twice about everything i eat and feed my children. bottom line, we eat way too much salt, mostly from processed food. >> carol is a healthy cooking coach. gets lots of practice feeding her 0-month-old daught10-month-g fan of carrots and introduced a range of foods and spices to her 4-year-old son, ryan. >> there aren't many moms going
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out there and bringing their children spices. >> he loves it. >> the 4-year-old. >> the spice drawer is better than the toy store. >> reporter: one seasoning this mom uses sparingly is salt. that's not the case in other households. a new report by the american heart association find most americans consume double the recommended amount of sodium. this is the amount of sodium an adult is supposed to consume. 2,300 milligrams. for a toddler, half that amount, about 1,000 milligrams, but most adults consume double the amount or 4,000 milligrams. too much sodium causes body to retain excess fluid and raises blood pressure and could lead to hyper tension. the american heart association in a separate study found some of the saltiest foods are being marketed to churn. the study looked at salt content in baby and toddler food and 3/4
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of the packaged foods and savory snacks like pamacr macand chees pizza, have too much salt. >> anything with preservatives has high sodium. anything easy for to us make has high sodium, but we need to start paying attention of sodium content. because high blood pressure starts at a younger and younger age. >> reporter: the recommended daily allowance for salt is not rooted in science, but politics according to some. there are benefits to salt. it regulates blood sugar and hydration. sodium has unfairly gotten a bad reputation as cause of blood pressure and heart disease. >> we are simply eating a bit too much and not getting enough exercise. >> reporter: for karen, it comes down to reading food labels and preparing your child's food. >> you should know what your
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child is eating. >> reporter: start them young and eat healthy for life. we reached out to gerber, and they use international dietary standards for sodium, higher level than u.s. standards and gerber said they are working currently at reducing sodium in toddler meals. carol. >> lisa sylvester, many thanks. ahead in the newsroom, a teenage girl grabs her phone and hides in the closet when three burglars break in. >> i was so scared. i could see them. and i thought they were going to see me. >> hear how she was just inches away and survived. (announcer) make mornings special,
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18 minutes past the hour. the founder of hot yoga may be in hot water. the 29-year-old woman claimed the yoga guru sexually assaulted her and tried to derail her yoga career. the yogi has not responded. and there is a move to end the practice of showrooming.
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you know when you go and look at an item and then buy online. both sides of the aisle have shown some agreement. >> are you supposed to pay this tax, and people -- people don't do it. i think last year in missouri we had about 300 people pay the tax in the entire state. >> basically, it will say all states have to have sales tax. forget your income tax. and beyond that, it will be the same rate. >> not everyone is on the same page, senators from both parties also argued against the internet sales tax. a canadian highway has reopened after a massive pileup, injuring 100 people. the mile long accident happened on a highway near edmonton during a spring snowstorm. several stranned passengers were helped. a teenage girl hiding inches away from three burglars robbing
6:22 am
her home. she was on the phone with 911, and the operator could even hear the burglars. cnn's miguel marquez has more. >> reporter: this young woman was home alone when three burglars broke in. >> i so was scared. i could see them. >> reporter: the quick thinking 15-year-old grab as a phone and called 911. >> please hurry. >> we have a helicopter on the way too. >> reporter: she hid behind clothes in her robber's closet. the robbers so close, the 911 operator could hear them. okay, don't talk. as she hid, the thieves stole right in the closet, right next to her. terrifying. >> they were taking things, all this right here. >> the 911 operator, call, calm and quiet. >> can you tell me you understand by tapping the phone once, do not open the door. okay. do not open that door.
6:23 am
>> reporter: it is life frightenifrigh frightening mimicking art in "the call" out just last week. halle berry plays a 911 operator in a similar situation. >> they are breaking into my house. i'm all alone. >> calm down. >> this 15-year-old and measure mother, a very happy ending. >> the door is opening. >> you here? >> yes, i'm here. >> the 911 operator takes as many as 200 calls a day. never one like this. >> i won't lie. i shed a couple of tears. the adrenaline release, knowing she is safe. when we take the calls, we don't know how they will end. >> reporter: police found her, arrested the three burglars, still in the driveway in a stolen car. now, police arrested two juveniles and an adult. charged with conspiracy, possession of stolen goods and first degree robbery and also believe they had other stolen goods in their car as well. this young woman not only saved
6:24 am
herself, but may have helped neighbors who were being robbed as well. carol. >> one brave young lady. miguel marquez. thank you so much. a first-class phony. how one man sweet talks his way into the cockpit of a u.s. airways plane. uncer ] you are a business pro. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro.
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sowns like a real life catch me if you can. a frenchm man arrested for impersonating a pilot. he boarded, wearing what appeared to be an air france unit. the actual pilot arrived, uncovering the lie. the man had a counterfeit air france credentials and does not work for that airline. today, air traffic controllers at nearly 200 airports will learn if they will be out of a job. the faa blames forced spending cuts. a big blow. those towers, air traffic control towers handle 20% of our nation's air traffic. we have more from renee march.
6:28 am
>> three miles. >> three miles. >> reporter: cnn is inside frederick, maryland's, airport control tower. it's brand spanking new. built with 5$5.3 million in federal stimulus money. opened just last may, and now, you guessed it, likely to be shut down by who else? the federal government. frederick is one of 238 towers at small and medium airports, the faa may close because of forced spending cuts. >> we're awarded the money and you know, ten months later, they say you don't need a tower here. so it's the world of mixed messages. >> reporter: in florida, the government also giveth and now may taketh away. $1.8 million in stimulus money to construct this new tower inopia lacka, and $1 million in st. petersburg, now all on the
6:29 am
chopping block. mandy has been an air traffic controller for 11 years. it's all she knows. >> it's scary. it means i'm going on unemployment and that's the only income i'll have for me and my daughter. >> reporter: while airports will remain open, she says closing towers affects safety. >> there will be close calls, there are going to be mid airs, a runway accident. >> reporter: some pilots agree. >> tragically, something is going to happen and then we'll review the decision. >> reporter: the faa says flyers will be inconvenienced, but safety won't be compromised. a tough sell for ambrose. >> then why did they build this tower? in 2010, they said safety was an issue and uned tfunded the towe. now in 2013, safety isn't affected. which is it?
6:30 am
>> renee marsh jounz uins us li. >> when these closures happen, a heavier load will be at the bigger airports and when workers start getting furloughed, have you furloughs, coupled with the heavier workload it will impact the flyer and flyers can expect delays up to 90 minutes if this all goes through. back to you, carol. >> renee marsh, live this morning. thank you. as the u.s. supreme court prepares to tackle same-sex marriage, one georgia senator doubles down on his opposition to the issue. and now, senator saxy chambliss facing a social media backlash. our political panel will break it all down for you. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining us. stories we're watch negotiate newsroom, at 31 minutes past the hour. opening bell rings on wall street, stock futures get a bump on news that a bailout for cyprus could be hours away. investors keeping an eye on the tiny country's money problem, which could be the key of the euro's future. a deadly shooting spree at marine base quantico. the shooter was a marine. he killed himself after shooting two others people. christopher xzahn, marine corps spokesperson is on the phone. >> good morning. >> takes through how the shooting went down. >> 10:30 p.m., last night, an incident that occurred, there was a shooting between the shooter and the first victim, happened at the baracks over at officer's candidate school.
6:35 am
after that initial shooting, military police responded with cooperation from prince william police department. and isolated the suspect in the baracks. base was locked down under strict condition delta, and stopped all nonofficial movement aboard the base. approximately 2:30 a.m., law enforcement went into the room, where they discovered the shooter dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, along with a second victim. all three were marines. >> the victims, the murder victims, a man and a woman? >> yes, ma'am. >> and both marines? >> all three involved were marines, yes. >> do you suspect that this was a domestic issue? or something else? >> it's still so early in the investigation process, and that's what we're trying to figure out this morning.
6:36 am
is what happened here. what went wrong, and more importantly, how do we fix it? how do we prevent our marines from doing this in the future. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us this morning and filling us in. we appreciate it. 33 minutes past the hour. time to check top stories. new jersey chris christie being blasted for not taking a harder stance against conversion therapy. christie says he does not believe in the practice, but says he hasn't made up his mind of signing a ban into law. a new law in the south carolina senate would allow anyone to carry a gun, with regard to whether or not they have a concealed carry permit. the bill will head to the state judiciary committee next month. blowback against saxy chambliss. he was asked if his view on same-sex marriage had changed in
6:37 am
light of rob portman's change. saxy says i'm not gay, so i'm not going to marry one. this tweeter tweeted, senator saxy chambliss just hasn't met the right guy yet. and this one, i'm not gay, and the gay community breathed a sigh of relief and senator saxy chambliss says he opposes gay marriage because i'm not gay. will he not oppose the death penalty because he's not dead? this, days before the u.s. supreme court takes up the issue of same-sex marriage and a week since the republican party leased its autopsy, urging republicans to soften their tone when they talk about gay rights. will cain and van jones are joining us now. welcome to you, both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning so i'll start with will. gay rights is a way to gain
6:38 am
young voters, because 70% of people born since 1980 favor same-sex marriage. so when senator saxy chambliss says i'm not gay, doesn't that detract? >> it would be unwise to accept a marriage proposal from someone is gay. that is fairly sound logic. i don't know what it has to do with support of gay marriage or not. whether or not it would be wise politics, over the long haul, the answer seems to be yes, the country is moving in that direction. in the short term, we should be reminded the president of the united states moved in that direction from the democratic party. i think there is an argument for gay marriage that comes from a conservative, principled position. one that i support, and it is constitutional. a part of the 14th amendment, equal protection, the state should treat everyone the same.
6:39 am
the state should treat everyone the same. this is a conservative belief, and conservatives will make their way in that direction. >> republicans home the u.s. supreme court does not rule in favor of same-sex marriage next week when they begin to take up the topic, right, van? many made it very clear they want the defense of marriage act to remain part of the law of the land. federal law of the land. wrr that . >> that's true. but there is a deeper issue for both parties. there is a basic empathy gap. whether you are talking about the constitution or not. and in an increasingly diverse society, you have to be able to empathize with people who are different from you. with these kinds of comments, it seems so -- almost bone headed. almost are you serious? here is what i think will happen. i think you are seeing good folks like will and other who's will make their way to the right position this becomes a state
6:40 am
rights issue. have you six states that are saying we're going to treat citizens equally. the federal government has to come down on the side of respecting those states rights to do this the train has left the station there is a -- an expiration date on bigotry. and when have you somebody like him coming out, saying the stuff, it sets the whole country back. not just the republican party. >> talking about the empathy aspect. senator rob portman and supported same-sex marriage, because his son is gay and gay rights advocates cheered, using his empathy. put out an ad to sway the supreme court toward same-sex marriage. >> a growing majority of marriage believe it's time to allow marriage for gay and lesbian couples. here is why? >> our daughter emma. >> my business partner. >> our mom. >> my son. >> my sister irene.
6:41 am
>> my brother, key an. >> my neighbor. >> it's time to give gay and lesbians the freedom to marry. >> it's time for marriage. >> the question is, will this sway the supreme court at all? face value, seems like an effective ad? >> will it sway the supreme court? i hope not. the emotional portal and inhe will technicaliintellectual por. the emotional aspects of various issues. i don't like approaching things from various perspectives. i have to be honest. it affected me on this issue. many who are gay, you want to see them treated equally by the government. the more compelling argument, i want to make the argument on the intellectual side. on the idea that the constitution requires governments to have a very good reason to discriminate. and they don't have it in this
6:42 am
case. not a good reason to discriminate. the supreme court is more likely to be influenced by the fact that they want politics to play its own role. as van said, they are beginning legalize gay marriage. and politics a better place to debate that. abortion has shown that. >> a quick prediction about what you think, van, will happen next week with the u.s. supreme court? >> i think that doma will be struck down, and i think kennedy is the decisive player. i think will is right, you won't see a big case, it's legal everywhere, it's done. i would love to see that, but i don't think they will do that. i think it's a narrow decision. >> it will affect two or three states. >> okay. thank you to both of you. van jones and will cain. >> you bet.
6:43 am
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sometimes at cnn we embrace the lighter side of news. like when nancy grace grilled anderson cooper. >> tonight, a full-on rediculist misery. we'll hear from nancy grace if she's not too emotional. nancy's necklace caught my eye a few weeks ago when we had her on to talk about the jodi arias trial. take a look. nancy, are you wearing handcuffs
6:47 am
as a necklace? >> yes, aim. would you like a pair? >> i saw something shiny and i'm thinking are those handcuffs, those really are? >> yes, they are and they work. just in case i need to arrest somebody. >> now it seems that nancy will have to use her bare hands if she has to arrest somebody, because, ladies and gentlemen, the handcuff necklace is missing. i repeat, the necklace is mia. nancy lost the necklace. i spoke with nancy a short time ago about the trying time in her life. nancy grace, first of all, i want to express my con dole enss, what happens to your ne necklace. >> last time my handcuff necklace was admired on the air, you were present. you and mark geragos. you were the last to admire it on air. you clearly wanted the necklace, you asked about the necklace,
6:48 am
you showed a very unusual interest in my handcuff necklace, or, anderson, was it just me? pow! it doesn't work, anderson. ask your little friend geragos what he did with my necklace. >> nancy, first of all, i like that pulled a larger set of handcuffs from the twins. and -- >> these are real, anderson. >> i'm sure they are. are you -- you -- i don't want to accuse your children. are you sure your twins didn't steal the necklace? >> no, the twins have never seen the necklace. the necklace stays at work in a vault, hermetically sealed. the twins have never seen the necklace. >> have you retraced your steps? >> yes, i retraced my steps,
6:49 am
anderson and i put up a flier. there is a reward for the necklace. >> you did accuse me of the theft. >> i didn't accuse. i just made a suggestion. i just threw the bread upon the water to see what would bite. and you are turning red. >> for the record, i did find it stretching. do you have any other suspects? >> don't try to throw me off the scent. don't try to throw me off you, anderson. you, geragos and toobin. toobin is too straight to wear a pair of handcuff necklace. he would never think to steal like you. out of the three of you, i think geragos would be the type to steal the necklace. look at his face? if that doesn't scream guilt. >> where do you get a handcuff necklace? at a regular jewelry store or an
6:50 am
s & m dungeon? >> what? what is that? an s & m dungeon? >> what will do you if you find a perpetrator at the scene of the crime? >> if i find the thief, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and i plan to personally put these on him. >> i have to ask the question. what has more sentimental value, your handcuff necklace or your ba rhett. >> the ba rhett is lucy's, my daughters. so i would have to go with the barret. hey, hey, hey, don't ask me anything else about what i wear, because next thing i know, i'll turn around and lucy's ba rhett will be gone, anderson. anderson cooper. >> we'll stay on it, nancy grace. >> anderson, thank you, friend. >> thank you, friend. let me just say on the record, i promise cnn and "anderson cooper
6:51 am
360" will devote all resources to this search, and i will stay on this until it's found, or at least until tomorrow's "ridiculist." harrisonford returning for the next "star wars?" . the scoop, next. urling irons. for the little mishaps you feel, use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster neosporin. also try neosporin eczema essentials. [ all kids ] twooooo! [ moderator ] you sure? i am absolutely positive! [ little boy ] two times is awesome.
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6:54 am
the university of tennessee's budget is in jeopardy over an event known as sex week. student organizers at the knoxville campus say it's a chance to talk about anything related to sex. >> we're covering sexual action from a health perspective. and sometimes from a pleasure perspective. >> state lawmakers, though, say it verges on pornography and they're threatening to zero out the school's budget. in the meantime, a ut official has pulled all state money from the event. police in charlotte, north carolina, test a new gunshot detection system. it uses a network of sensors to pinpoint the location of gunfire and then it sends that information to 911 dispatchers who can alert the cops. the technology was installed last year for the democratic national convention. laugh it up, fuzzball. >> laugh it up, fuzzball. that's one of the great lines from the "star wars" series, and
6:55 am
harrison ford could be back as hans solo. listen to what he told wgn. >> i think it's almost true. i think, you know, i'm looking forward to it. i'm not in the bag yet, but i think it's happening. >> ford turns 70 years old next year. "star wars" episode 7 is still in the early development process. we'll keep you posted. the sound of the brackets busting heard across the nation. harvard sends new mexico packing in the first big upset in the ncaa tournament. bleacher report, next. if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid.
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6:58 am
one day into march madness and brackets are busting everywhere thanks to harvard beating new mexico. andy schultz is here with the bleacher report. >> yeah, good morning, carol. is there anything worse than losing one of your final four teams on the first day? probably not. that's happened to me and plenty of other people who had new mexico if their final four. this was such a big upset that president obama, who went to harvard, didn't even pick them to win. this upset, a perfect example of why it's called march madness. the crimson played their best game of the season, shooting over 50% on the way to their first ever tournament win. they now move on to play arizona in round three. after last night's upset, more than 1% of the more than 8 million brackets filled out on espn were made perfect.
6:59 am
one person's bracket who wasn't busted by harvard is the crimson's most famous hoops alum, jeremy lin. he tweeted this pic saying, yes, harvard wins, ha-ha, i told you so. i guess we should have listened to jeremy. there was almost a bigger upset in new mexico. the game was tied with four minutes to go, but the zags closed on a 10-4 run to avoid disaster. they will play witchta state in round three. top-seeded louisville will move on as well. they'll play colorado state. the other two top seeds will be in action later today while james madison goes up against indiana and kentucky versus kansas. around six seconds to go, van der blu takes this all the way for the game-winning layup with one second left. golden agles avoid the upset.
7:00 am
with my bracket pretty much busted, i don't have much to look forward. >> but mine's not! i'm still in the running! >> good luck to you. >> thank you. the next hour of cnn newsroom starts right now. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family. to get our adt security system. and one really big reason -- the house next door. our neighbor's house was broken into. luckily, her family wasn't there, but what if this happened here? what if our girls were home? and since we can't monitor everything 24/7, we got someone who could.
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happening now in the newsroom, a high-speed car chase
7:03 am
and a shoot-out in texas. is this related to the murder soft prison chief in colorado? >> we will confirm and say colorado is sending and should be here this evening investigators that are working on that case. also, drug-sniffing dogs being trained not to sniff out drugs. >> so there's some natural concern from people out in the community that if they're driving, they've got some weed, the the drug dog going to show up as they get stopped, and oh, my gosh, what's going to happen? >> in washington state, where pot is now legal, the question is to sniff or not to sniff. and march madness. the ncaa tournament off to an incredible start. we're courtside with the march madness express. you're life in the "cnn newsroom."
7:04 am
good morning. thank you so much for being with us. i'm carol costello. one hour from now, we're expecting a news conference on a truly horrifying story from georgia's southern coast. the woman you see limping says two young boys between the ages of 10 and 15 approached her on a quiet street and shot her in the leg and then, the unimaginable happened. she says they turned the gun on her baby, ignoring her frantic pleas. >> then he said, i'm going to kill you if you don't give me your money. and i said, i swear, i don't have any. and he says, well i'm going to kill your baby. and i said, please don't kill my baby. >> cnn's nick valencia is in brunswick, georgia, with the latest. nick, this happened yesterday in the morning. are there witnesses? >> reporter: it did happen yesterday morning, just over 24 hours ago, carol, and so far there are no witnesses that have come forward, at least publicly, with more information.
7:05 am
so far, the only account of what happened comes from the mother. now, the incident, the fatal shooting happened right behind me here on the corner of london and ellis in brunswick, at about 9:00. she was walking, she says she was coming back from the post office, strolling along with her 13-month-old when she was approached by two young boys, who she says she's never seen before. now, she described one suspect, the shooter, as between 13 and 15 years old. she says there was another suspect with him, and carol, very chilling details. this suspect, as young as 10 years old. now, what's further confusing authorities is the fact that no one else saw this. just to give context to our viewers, this is a very quiet neighborhood, and traditionally a good neighborhood. i spoke with the city manager of brunswick yesterday, asked him if this neighborhood has a crime problem or gang activity. he said, no, this is a traditionally very nice area. a mixture of historic homes, flanked on either side by public housing. having said that, he says this is a nice area. and sst just shocking what
7:06 am
happened here yesterday morning. carol? >> and our local affiliate interviewed the mother in this case and police there are asking to review that interview. is that right? >> reporter: that's right. that's a new detail that i learned just about an hour ago. i spoke with the public information officer, todd roads, who told me that they will be fully reviewing that raw interview with waws, the interview she did just hours after her baby was pronounced dead. i asked him if they're looking beyond these two suspects, asking him if there's anyone -- have they ruled anyone else out of this fatal shooting. he said they're leaving everything and anything on the table. the manhunt is currently underway and local authorities are offering up to $10,000 for any information leading to the arrest of these two suspects. carol? >> nick valencia reporting live for us this morning. now to philadelphia, where surveillance camera video captures a shooting in philadelphia. you can see a man walks up to a chinese restaurant, he pulls out a gun, and he begins firing at several men inside through the
7:07 am
door. but you can see what's happening inside the restaurant, those young men, they jump into action, they block the door, hold it closed so the shooter can't get in, and all the while, the shooter outside is shooting bullet holes into the glass door. you can see these men, how they're scrambling to keep that door closed. now, watch from the outside. you can see the gunman, he's trying to force his way in, and then he backs up and he fires several bullets into the door, like i told you. you can see debris flying in front of the surveillance camera. and when he's finished doing this and he can't get in, he runs off around the corner. incredibly, no one inside that restaurant was seriously hurt. but philadelphia police want your help. they're releasing a video and they hope someone can identify this gunman. joining me now, lieutenant john stanford from the philadelphia police department. lieutenant, welcome. >> good morning. first of all, did the bullets go through the door or did the glass stop the bullets? >> the bullets actually went through the door and this suspect, unfortunately, was able
7:08 am
to actually reach through the door at some point and fire into the store at the actual victims inside, prior to him stepping back and firing straight through the glass of the door, striking the victims inside. >> it's just amazing no one was more seriously hurt. >> yeah, it actually is. i mean, these victims are very lucky. they sustained some minor gunshot wounds to the arms and legs, but nothing life threatening and they are extremely lucky, because this could have been deadly. >> oh, my goodness. do you know what kind of gun it was? >> right now, we have preliminary indications that it's a 9-millimeter handgun. >> and did this man want to rob the place or were these young men inside the target, do you think? >> well, that -- investigators in northwest detective division are still working on that, to ascertain a motive behind the situation. but right now, we're asking for the public's help to get this guy off the street. because as you can see, he has no regard for human life, to do something like this. >> so the men inside the
7:09 am
restaurant were unable to tell you who this guy might be? >> that's correct. we only have a description of the suspect as a black male, approximately 6'2" in height, medium build, wearing dark-colored sweatshirt and sweatpants, and also with baseball gloves and just firing at the suspects inside -- or the victims inside. >> so in the city of philadelphia, is this something unusual? >> well, in this sense, i mean, we have, you know, violence, it takes place at different areas and at different times, but this is unusual in terms of for a suspect to do this type of action, and very unfortunate. we're working very hard to eliminate this type of incident here in philadelphia. >> lieutenant john stanford, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. in a shocking twist, the man killed after a police shoot-out in texas may be connected to the murder of colorado's prison chief. cnn's ed lavendera is in decatur, texas. ed, do you have any new information about the suspect?
7:10 am
>> reporter: good morning, carol. we're learning from colorado investigators that the man who led texas authorities on a high-speed chase through the remote texas highway and into a violent gun battle on the streets of the town here in decatur, texas was a parolee from the state of colorado and has ties to a white supremacist prison gang called the 211 crew and authorities say he's now the main focus in the murder of tom clements. this is how a high-speed chase across north texas ended. a black cadillac with two different colorado license plates smashed by an 18-wheeler. but the crash didn't stop the driver from getting out of the car and firing away at law enforcement officers. colorado investigators say the driver was evan spencer ebel. he was shot and killed in the firefight. >> he wasn't planning on being taken alive. it was obvious he was trying to
7:11 am
hurt somebody and he was trag to hurt the police. >> reporter: the chase started when a sheriff's deputy tried to pull the cadillac over on a remote stretch of texas highway. deputy james boyd was shot twice in the chest, but he was wearing a bulletproof vest and is expected to survive. that triggered a long, high-speed chase. >> when he came by me, he was probably running about 100 miles an hour, just had his left arm out the window and he was just shooting. he shot four times when he passed by my car, parked in the median of the highway. >> reporter: 28-year-old evan ebel is a parolee from the denver area and colorado investigators now say ebel is the main focus in the investigation into the murder of tom clements, the director of colorado's prison system. >> we have received information, obviously, that he is a parolee and he was identified as a gang member in the prison system. again, you know, that is information that we're receiving from department of corrections. >> reporter: and in another strange twist, denver police
7:12 am
investigators also say there's a, quote, strong connection between evan ebel, and the murder of a 27-year-old pizza delivery driver last sunday afternoon. nathan leon's body was found in a remote area outside of denver. his family has struggled to find out why anyone would want to kill a young father of three girls who was delivering pizzas to earn extra money to support his family. >> since sunday, we've been a total wreck, just when you think you've cried your tears and you can't cry anymore, that's all you do. >> reporter: and just after that high-speed chase ended here in texas in that shoot-out, where evan ebel was killed, investigators from those two different murder investigations have flown down here to texas to look at the evidence inside that black cadillac that he was driving. and we're also told by colorado investigators that in the department of corrections, they're looking to other white supremacist members of this 211 crew gang that personal ebel was
7:13 am
affiliated with and trying to ask around questions in that area of the investigation to see if there's any kind of connection with members who are currently in prison and how this all might have transpired and played out with evan ebel on the outside. we'll continue to dig into that throughout the day as well, carol. >> of course. ed lavendera reporting live for us. now let's turn to a murder investigation unfolding on a marine base. a gunman shot and killed one person and fled to a nearby building, a barracks. the base went into lockdown and law enforcement surrounded the building. when police swept in, they found the shooter dead along with another victim. the death toll, two men dead, one woman, all of them active marines. >> as we take care of our marines and their families that are dealing with this tragedy, i'd also ask for the support of our neighbors, the community, and their thoughts and prayers
7:14 am
as well. for our marines who have lost their comrades in arms. >> the base is used mostly for training, that's why it's known as the crossroads of the marine corps. the killer worked at the officer candidate school there. a motive not yet known. president obama on his way to jordan now. he just boarded air force one. in jordan, the president will meet with king abdullah has part of his middle east trip. the president spent his final hours in israel meeting with the prime minister and visiting graves. at rabin's grave, he placed a stone that came from martin luther king jr.'s memorial in washington. . the amazon tax makes its way to the senate floor today. it would allow states to collect sales taxes on internet purchases. now, the vote won't be binding, but many states and bricks and mortars retailers think it could be a step in that direction. let's bring in cnn business
7:15 am
correspondent, zain asher. good morning. >> reporter: the senate is addressing this as part of the budget department. we're expecting to see an amendment filed on it today. even though this would mostly be a symbolic vote, it does raise the chance of actual legislation later on. here's what officials are trying to do. they want to level out the playing field between store retailers and online retailers. we have a situation right now where people tend to sort of go into best buy or macy's, go look around, and go and buy the exact same product online for cheaper. if you introduce an online sales tax, it will help bring -- it will help brick and mortar retailers compete more fairly. you know, there's definitely a lot of pressure for this legislation to move forward. carol? >> zain asher, reporting live for us this morning. just ahead in the newsroom, if you live in seattle and have marijuana, you no longer have to fear those nosy police dogs. the dogs have to learn some new tricks, you see, because they're used to sniffing out pot and it's legal now there. [ female announcer ] born from the sweet monk fruit,
7:16 am
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7:18 am
16 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. another blow for the financially strapped postal service. congress' watchdog arm said in a la
7:19 am
legal opinion, the post office must deliver mail six days a week. that would end the post office's plan to cut first class mail service on saturdays. seattle's police department is teaching their drug-sniffing dog some new tricks. since the state legalized marijuana, the department is re-training the dogs not to respond to the smell of marijuana. >> what we're doing, ever since it was passed is de-sensitizing them to the smell of marijuana. there's some natural concern from people out in the community that if they're driving, they've got some weed, is the drug dog going to show up if they get stopped is, and oh, my gosh, what's going to happen? are they going to treat me like a drug trafficker? >> but not every police department is following seattle's lead. tacoma's department says their dogs will keep their old tricks and sniff for any kind of drugs. it sounds like a real life "catch me if you can." a french man is arrested for impersonating a pilot on an us
7:20 am
airways flight. police say the man boarded the plane wearing what appeared to be an air france uniform. he talked his way into the cockpit. his lie was uncovered when the actual pilot arrived for work. the faa ax falls today. some of the nation's smaller airports will find out if air traffic controllers will continue to work. it's money versus safety. we'll be back. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. you know who you are.
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7:23 am
today, airports around the nation will get some grim news. the faa will start announcing which control towers will go dark because of forced spending cuts, sequestration. these smaller airports handle one fifth of the nation's air traffic each year. some brand-new towers will collect dust and controllers worry about safety. >> why did they build this tower? in 2010, they said that safety was an issue and then they funded this tower. now we're 2013 and safety will not be affected. which is it? >> which is it? in other words, federal tax money went to build that brand-new tower and now there's
7:24 am
not enough federal tax money to keep the tower open. miles o'brien is an aviation expert for pbs and paul renaulty is the president of the national air traffic controller's association. welcome to you both. >> good morning, carol. >> paul, i'll start with you. so, which is it? do we need those air traffic control towers at these smaller airports or don't we? >> we absolutely need those towers at those -- the air traffic controllers in those towers. it's the safety of the system. we have the safest, most efficient system in the world. and sequestration is basically dibs mant dismantling it, one tower at a time, and we are against these cuts. >> and miles, when you hear that federal tax dollars went to build these brand-new towers and now there's not enough federal money to operate them, because congress can't get it back together, that must be maddening? >> it's maddening and it's concerning, as a pilot. you know, carol, as drivers, we know the rules of the road, and when you come to a four-way stop, you yield to the person on the right and so forth.
7:25 am
and we all get by pretty well with that. and you can do that in aviation, but sometimes you need a traffic cop, when there's a lot of traffic, in midtown manhattan. and some of these airports, even though they're not, you know, it's not like atlanta hartsfield, have enough traffic that you need that traffic cop. >> and also, paul, the faa says that will be safe, and nobody needs worry, but somebody's got to handle the traffic at these smaller airports, where these air traffic control towers will go dark. >> that's exactly right. safety is always our top priority. but this is going to have a devastating impact on capacity. the controllers at the other facilities that now have to work these airplanes, and and it's going to be reduced tremendously, are also subject to furloughs, starting on april 21st. so we're going to have less control towers in the control facilities that are remaining open, and it is going to have a devastating effect on our national air space system, which is an economic engine for this
7:26 am
country. and it's reverse -- trickle-down economics in reverse, so to speak. >> and miles, you fly out of these small airports all the time. how much air traffic are we talking about? >> well, it's enough that it's sometimes really good to have a controller there. you know, you're supposed to come to an airport, if it doesn't have a control tower, you get on a frequency and say, hey, i'm out here. are you guys out there? and where are you? and you basically sequence yourself for landing. that works okay if there's two or three other planes there, but when there's a big stack of actor, that can be a problem. now, on the day after sequester, will planes start clonk into each other? i don't think that's going to be the case, necessarily. but the system is built on layer upon layer of safety. and this is an important layer to just remove it willy-nilly and say it's not going to affect safety. i guess the important question is, why did you have the towers there to begin with, which is where you began the segment.
7:27 am
>> paul, is anybody putting heat on lawmakers, or maybe even if taa, who insists it would be safe for these control towers to go dark. >> we worked really hard to see if we could actually keep these facilities up and running, and to actually take a look at some of the situations and see, do we have the amount of traffic we need to keep them open? but not just to have a two-week window and tell us what the national interest is for this control tower. and if you don't, we're just going to close it. it's a deep concern of ours that they're dismantling our great air traffic control system, our national air space system, which is a treasure to this country. >> we'll await that list. it's supposed to come out ladder today. miles o'brien and paul rinaldi, thanks so much for being with us. the founder of a wildly popular yoga movement is facing startling accusations from one of his students. the details, ahead in the newsroom. [ female announcer ] born from the sweet monk fruit,
7:28 am
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining us. 30 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. president obama's middle east tour makes its second stop and it's a visit to a close ally. the president will land in jordan in just a few minutes. he'll spend the day with king abdullah, follows one final meeting in israel with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the president will return to washington tomorrow. senator saxby chambliss is reaffirming his opposition to same-sex marriage. when asked by politico if he would consider changing his views, the georgia republican said, quote, i am not gay, so i'm not going to marry one. recently, senator rob portman of ohio announced on cnn that he now supports same-sex marriage after his own son told him he was gay. the founder of the hot yoga movement may be in hot water. the "new york post" reporting a former student is suing the
7:32 am
founder. she claims the yoga guru sexually assaulted her and tried to derail her yoga career. the 67-year-old yogi has not responded. it is a big day for blackberry, yes, blackberry. the new blackberry z-10 finally goes on sale today. it had been delayed for months and expectations are rather high. cnn's zain asher is standing by in new york. good morning. >> hey, carol, this is an absolutely crucial release for the company. it's had so much trouble competing with apple and samsung over the years. its market share is pretty much a pittance compared to its rivals. in the fourth quarter of 2012, blackberry owned about 3.5% of the smartphone market versus 70% for android and 21% for apple's ios. this is really a tough time for the device to come out. the market place is certainly a lot more competitive now compared to previous blackberry launches. reviews have been mostly positive, though, and investors at rim are optimistic too. the company's share price has gone up more than 40% since the
7:33 am
start of the year, up roughly 3.5% today. carol? >> zain asher reporting live from new york, thanks so much. coming up, the cast of "the mary tyler moore show" coming back to tv for a star-studded reunion. ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile? ♪ [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide,
7:34 am
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7:38 am
it's the role that put harrison ford on the map. >> laugh it up, fuzzball. >> laugh it up, fuzzball. that's one of the great lines from the "star wars" series and harrison ford could be back as hans solo. listen to what he told cnn affiliate, wgn. >> i think it's almost true. i think, you know, i'm looking forward to it. i'm -- not in the bag yet, but i think it's happening. >> ford turns 70 years old next year. "star wars" episode 7 is still in the early development process. we'll keep you posted. the cast of "the mary tyler moore show" will reunite on the
7:39 am
tv show "hot in cleveland" and be prepared for witty comments like this one. >> there's my sweater! i knew it left it somewhere. hi. >> hi. >> mary? >> yes, sir. >> where have you been? >> at lunch. >> what time did you leave? >> 12:00. >> and what time is it now? >> 12:55. >> uh-huh. and i suppose you usually take 55 minutes for lunch? >> no, mr. grant, i usually take an hour. >> even when it's friday and you still don't have a guest for sunday's "ask the people show." >> how do you know she doesn't? >> does she? >> i don't know, ask her. >> do you? >> no. >> love that show. a.j. hammer is new york. >> i wanted to watch more, carol, quite frankly. this is going to be a huge thrill for fans of "the mary tyler moore show" and it's hard to imagine how emotional it's going to be on the that show when you get mary, betty white,
7:40 am
and the terminally ill valerie harper all reunited. this will be the first time since they went off the air in 1977 that they'll all be in front of the camera together. i'll do the math for you, that's 36 years ago. i have to imagine valerie harper's recent announcement about her cancer and prognosis played a big role in making this reunion happen and i think it's terrific they're doing this and valerie is healthy enough to plan on shooting this episode. and you know this has to be great for her spirit. she loves this character. she loved playing rhoda. and she loves performing for her fans. deadline hollywood daily is who broke this news about the reunion. they say the episode is going to be taped on april 5th, and the story line will apparently reinvolve around betty white and gloria engle's characters deciding to get their old bowling teams back together. the very glamorous ladies of bowling made up by the "mary tyler moore" cast reportedly had some kind of a falling out after their championship season went to their heads.
7:41 am
there is no word yet on the surviving male members of the cast we saw in that clip a few minutes ago, and if they're going to be a part of the reunion. and asner has been very busy with the "one man play." he's playing fdr in gary, indiana. earlier this week, he was hospitalized after having trouble speaking while on stage. our thoughts go out to ed asner and his family for a speedy recovery. it would be great if they made an appearance on the show when they do this reunion. >> thank you so much, a.j.. >> you got it. the republican party looks to the future, but first it might need to deal with a little gop family feud as some conservatives take aim at one another. our talk back panel, next. even as tiny valparaiso fell beneath the thundering bleachers of michigan state, boosters still had reason to celebrate, because their team made it into what has become the sports
7:42 am
spectacle of spring. in truth, the nc a rks a tournament is rivaled by few other sporting events, anytime of year, drawing millions of fans who follow every dribble and millions more who don't know a free-throw from a foul. michael willbin with espn. >> they wouldn't have any idea what those basketball programs are about or what they've done historically, but they know final four. it's a brand. it's, you know, a uniquely american brand. >> reporter: the tournament started in 1939, when basketball itself was still just gathering steam and it was an underdog, a distant second to a much more popular college playoff series. but shrewd marketing and good luck pushed the final four into a fast break of staggering success. today, the contest nets $1 billion in tv revenue and has fans from witchta, that's their team playing, to the white house guessing who will win. >> i think this is indiana's year. >> in many ways, that is what makes the final four so attractive. unlike say, football, where many teams are out of contention for
7:43 am
the championship even before their seasons end, in the final four, dozens of teams come into the tournament with a real shot at the crown, even if it's a long one. >> basketball is a much more democratic endeavor, if you will. it is much more inclusive. >> reporter: that is what has driven the final four to such heights. the cinderella stories, the championship comebacks, and the idea that even when buck nail meets butler, one of them might go all the way. tom foreman, cnn. [ male announcer ] the 2013 chevy silverado 1500 has the best pickup coverage in america. with a new 2 year, 24,000 mile scheduled maintenance program, a 3 year, 36,000 mile, bumper-to-bumper warranty, and the 5 year, 100,000 mile, powertrain limited warranty. we've got you covered eight ways to sunday. come to think of it, sunday, too.
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with three of your daily vegetable servings that your mouth is under attack,
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from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. 43 minutes past the hour. time to check our top stories. new jersey governor chris christie being blasted by his rivals for not taking a harder stand against gay conversion therapy. christie says he does not believe in the practice, but as he hasn't made up his mind whether to sign a proposed ban into law. he spent more than 20 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. now david ranta is a free man, after a man who identified him as the killer admitted he was told to do so by police. moments after the judge's decision, ranta sfoek to reporters about what he plans to do next. >> do you have one thing you want to do? >> yeah, get the hell out of
7:47 am
here, maybe. >> i bet. the d.a.'s office says it found evidence that if available at the time of trial, may not have caused jurors to convict ranta without a reasonable doubt for the murder of a rabbi back in 1990. a canadian highway has reopened after a massive pileup that injured 100 people. the mile-long pileup happened outside of edmonton during a spring snowstorm. and a new law making its way through the south carolina senate. it would allow anyone to carry a gun in public, regardless of whether they had a concealed weapons permit. cnn affiliate wspa says the bill is now under review and will head to the state's senate judiciary committee next month. time now to talk back. what a week it's been for republicans. the party searching for a way to rebrand, and more importantly, to win, releasing that
7:48 am
much-anticipated autopsy, saying that it needs to branch out in order to meet that goal. but that plan to rebrand is meeting resistance, as some prominent conservatives blast the proposal and one another. >> in other words, what the republicans have to do, and even a republican strategist, ana navarro, agreed, what they are really suggesting is every voice of opposition be silenced. that's what they're all talking about. no dissent, no opposition whatsoever. anybody opposing us or obama, you have got to denounce them. you have to shut them up. she was mccain's latino -- i know who she is. i know who ana navarro is. >> rush limbaugh taking aim at cnn contributor ana nar vavarro saying that the party should speak out against people with extreme rhetoric.
7:49 am
donald says, why do shows have ana navarro, national hispanic chair for the losing mccain '08 and huntsman '12. she's a loser who doesn't deliver votes. ana n ana navarro joins me flow along with ross. ana, i can't believe, russ, you've greed to appear with ana. >> i guess neither donald nor rush was able to appear, so i'm here standing in for them. >> and you're a mighty fine fill-in, ross. >> ana, i'm sure you're used to being blasted, but how does this feel? >> it doesn't bother me at all. it's part of the game. it comes with the territory. certainly, i've been critical of donald trump's speech at cpac. if he had eyes and ears, he would have seen that he was bombing at cpac. at some other point, he has given good speeches. this particular speech was
7:50 am
rather incoherent and rambling, and completely off the message of what cpac was trying to do. which was push things like immigration reform. but we're all entitled to our opinion. i don't want to silence anybody. i think there should be as many voices of dissent as there are. but i think we need to be a big tent party, and that means there's got to be room for voices, like donald trump's, but also like mine. like rush limbaugh's, but like governor chris christie's. i think we all have to learn to live with each other in harmony, in a big, happy tent if we are to grow this party and start winning some elections. >> ross, i have to laugh, because she said big, happy tent. is that possible? everybody says there's this civil war going on within the republican party. >> well, look, if it's ana versus donald trump for the future of the republican party, then i'm obviously on ana's side and i think any sensible republican would be. but i do think part of the backlash against the rnc report this week reflected the fact
7:51 am
that this is sort of this elite republican vision of how to fix the party, right? so officially the report didn't make any policy recommendations, but then it said, oh, by the way, we should probably be in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and probably gay marriage as well. and that's the strategy that i think, if you talk to republican consultants in d.c., many of whom are for gay marriage themselves, have always been for immigration reform, they'd be on board with. the danger there for the party, though, is that, one, it's going to anger a lot of opponents of unrestricted immigration, a lot of social conservatives, whose votes the party needs. and the second problem is that the republican party's problem with hispanics isn't just about immigration, right? it's about economic policies. that if you go down the list of polling questions, hispanic voters, in general, don't like what the republican party is selling on economics. so if the republicans become the party of, you know, immigration reform, you end up with more hispanic voters and they don't have an economic message to meet them, all they're doing is creating more democratic voters,
7:52 am
which you can understand why some republicans would consider that an odd strategy for the party -- >> okay, so ana, respond to that. >> well, i think, actually, that's completely wrong. and i want to think that we are a party that compete, you kno w know, the democrats for the hearts, souls, and minds of the republicans. you can say, we are committing political suicide, because they're all going to be democrats if we give green cards to them. that's not the republican party i belong to. i belong to a republican party where i can be a hispanic and a proud republican. and i live in south florida where we have great republican leaders who have been able to bring in hispanics the to the party, because they ably represent us. they don't say things that antagonize us. they defend our interests, because they embrace us as being all-american. and so, you know, we're not talking about giving 11 million immigrants citizenship tomorrow. this is going to be a lengthy,
7:53 am
long, hard process and if we as a party, in ten years, 15 years, 20 years that it's going to take any of them, under the current plans, to become citizens, cannot compete for their votes, we should just give up and hang up our gloves right now. we must be a party that can compete on an even field for these votes. and just people who are talking about, we're all over the place on immigration reform. just this week, the rnc came out in favor of it, senator rand paul came out in favor of it, marco rubio is in favor of it, jeb bush is in favor of it, governor christie is in favor of it. practically every 2016 potential nominee being mentioned in the republican party, paul ryan, you name it, is in favor of immigration reform. so i don't know where you turn to if you're against it. >> i've got to wrap this up and i'm sure we all three will make an appearance on the rush limbaugh show later today. ana navarro, ross douthat,
7:54 am
thanks so much for joining us. burning bridges with your bosses. jay leno scorches nbc amid talks he's on the way out. coming up, some of the comedian's toughest punch lines. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful...
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hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
7:56 am
talk on nbc that jimmy fallon might take over "the
7:57 am
tonight show" is no laughing matter for leno. actually, it is. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: in a way, jay leno is living a fantasy. you know, when you know you're going to leave a job, but before you walk out the door, you unload on the boss. what jay is unloading are jokes about nbc's ratings. in one case, six jokes in under a minute. >> and the most common thing people are giving up for lent, watching nbc. the ratings are so bad, "the biggest loser" just a tv show, it's our newest motto. >> reporter: the jokes so offended the entertainment chief, robert greenblatt, that he fired off an e-mail to jay and jay fired back. leno's contract is up next year and the execs have promised "the tonight show" to jimmy fallon. what did he say this time, asked mediaite. here's what he said monday. >> st. patrick drove all the snakes out of ireland and then they came into the united states
7:58 am
and became nbc executives. it's a fascinating, fascinating story. >> reporter: on tuesday, he referred to an actual woman with a rare medical disorder. >> and unbelievable, she sees everything upside down. in fact, she thinks nbc is at the top of the ratings. >> reporter: and on wednesday, more science. >> things once thought to be instinct can now be brought back from the dead. so there's hope for nbc. >> reporter: we called nbc for comment, but got none. of course, comedians always bite the hand that feeds them. listen to howard stern rip apart the financial officer of his employer, sirius xm radio, amid contract negotiations. >> why the [ bleep ] would i take a pay cut when i'm the one who's actually performed? you can [ bleep ] whoever the [ bleep ] you are. i've never even heard of you. >> reporter: two days later, howard agreed to a new contract, terms undisclosed. >> reporter: the moral of the story, beware of antagonizing a
7:59 am
guy with a mic, a big mic. taking the cake was charlie sheen attacking by then his ex-boss, executive producer, chuck lorre. >> if sad and stupid had a foul odor attached, it would be you, [ bleep ]. you picked a fight with is a warlock, you little worm. >> reporter: it makes jay's jokes seem gentle. >> stc. patrick drove all the snakes out of ireland and they came to the united states and became nbc executives. >> pretty funny. i'm carol costello. thank you very much for joining me today. "cnn newsroom" continues after a quick break with ashleigh banfield. . but as time passed, i started to notice max just wasn't himself. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat chow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "special powers" returned...

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